The brachiopod cf. Orbiculoidea mediorhenana with preserved pedicleThe brachiopod Orthis sp., steinkern with septa
The bivalve Cypricardella subovataNot yet described homalozoan
The crinoid Codiacrinus schultzei with preserved plates of the ambulacral (water vascular) systemStarfish Urasterella asperula, with the feeding trail of a possible worm
The brittlestar Furcaster decheni, which I used for my logoThe brittlestar Eschenbachia pinusi; not yet scientifically described
An unknown possible arthropodThe trilobite Rhenops sp. with preserved legs and antennae
The trilobite Chotecops (Phacops) ferdinandi with hypostome, legs and gillsThe rare bristle worms Ewaldips feyi, Briggs & Bartels, 2010
Pectoral spines of the acanthodian Machaeracanthus hunsrueckianumA coprolite
Odontopleuride gen. et sp. indet The cluster of conulariids and the edrioasteroid were attached to an unknown substrate in life.
Worm Machaeridia Lepidocoleus hohensteini Högström et al., 2009. Type specimen.The mitrate Rhenocystis latipedunculata with locomotion trails of the spines and the tail.
The crinoid Orthocrinus pinnatusA pair of spines of the acanthodian Machaeracanthus peracatus with scapulocoracoid (pectoral bone).
The rugose coral Volgerophyllum karschheckensis Südkamp, 2007.The rugose coral Zaphrentis sp. with pin at its base to stand in an upright position.
The rear part of the cephalothorax of the phyllocarid crustacean DithyrocarisAn undescribed giant bivalve.
From the ammonite Mimagoniatites falcistria often only the housing shell remains. A found near Birkenfeld. Photo: C. Schumacher.Head and pectoral fin of the placoderm Stensioella heintzi
Blastoid Schizotremites osoleaeThe euartropod Captopodus poschmanni and the marrellomorph Vachonisia rogeri
The polyp Sphenothallus sp. encrusted on a shellThe crustaceanomorph Wingertshellicus backesi
The phyllocarid crustacean Nahecaris balssiThis sponge looks like Choia from the Cambrian
Not described starfish EuzonosomatideThe trilobite Parahomalonotus from the Spanish Iberoslate with the alimentary canal (x-ray).

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